Speech from The Last Tory

As a general philosophy, I will be approaching issues with compassion, fiscal responsibility and on environmental issues, as a right-of-centre naturalist.

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Flush Efficiency Manitoba

Is Brian Pallister threatening to control how much hot water Manitobans use in the shower or how often they flush their toilets?

It’s not too late for the premier to flip flop again and halt creation of his costly and “creepy” new Crown corporation

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Carbon Tax Axed!

Premier Pallister Finally Admits He’s Wrong

But what will he replace lost Carbon Tax revenue with -- higher Cannabis Taxes and increased Hydro rates?

How will he keep his promise to cut the PST?

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Manitoba Party Leader, Steven Fletcher to Announce Major Donation to Bruce Oake Foundation

Fletcher doubles down on commitment to save Vimy Arena site as green and recreational space.

Assiniboia MLA pledges support for addictions treatment in Manitoba.

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