Flush Efficiency Manitoba

Is Brian Pallister threatening to control how much hot water Manitobans use in the shower or how often they flush their toilets?

It’s not too late for the premier to flip flop again and halt creation of his costly and “creepy” new Crown corporation

A week after a spectacular flip flop flip by Premier Pallister on the Carbon Tax, Steven Fletcher, Leader of the Manitoba Party and MLA for Assiniboia, is calling on Pallister to amend the Efficiency Manitoba Act.

It is Fletcher’s critiques of the ill-conceived legislation on Efficiency Manitoba and his steadfast opposition to the Carbon Tax that led to his status as an Independent MLA. “I represent my constituents and all Manitobans.”

“Do NOT create a new Crown corporation” says Fletcher. “Pallister eventually came around to my position on the carbon tax. He should do the same with this ill-conceived, expensive, bureaucratic monstrosity.”

In other words, Pallister needs to flip flop again.

Fletcher is suggesting amendments that if passed will save Manitobans hundreds of millions of dollars and endless amounts of red tape. Fletcher’s amendment will help Manitoba Hydro in preserving demand for green electricity. The current bill will cost Manitoba Hydro billions in lost revenue while forcing Manitobans to use dirtier, more expensive sources of energy.  

These amendments are consistent with the Public Utility Board (PUB) recommendations of 2018.

In the PUB recommendations and on the advice of experts in the engineering field, it is clear that the so-called “Demand Side Management” – a relic of command economies every bit as destructive as Supply Management -- imposed by the government’s bill will cost billions. It is not necessary given the clean power already generated by Manitoba Hydro.

The government bill will usher in an era of costly, unnecessary anti-competitive regulations to Manitoba’s trucking and transportation industries.

The government’s bill also threatens an intention to put an extra “price” on “potable,” or drinking and other household water.

Government has no business in the bathrooms of the nation (or province). Or in the laundry rooms. Or kitchens. Which is why Manitobans will find the overreach and mission creep of this new Crown so creepy.

The provincial government should focus on fixing the Crown Corporations that already exist, not creating new ones.

If not stopped, this Crown Corporation will be paid for by Manitoba Hydro ratepayers who are already paying far more then they need to in the absence of real leadership and sound management by the Pallister government.


Honourable Steven Fletcher is the Leader of the Manitoba Party and MLA for Assiniboia. He also holds a degree in engineering and has his MBA. He is a professional engineer (P. Eng) and recently obtained the Institute of Corporate Director Designation (ICD.D) from U of T’s Rotman School of Business.

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