Manitoba Party Leader, Steven Fletcher to Announce Major Donation to Bruce Oake Foundation

Fletcher doubles down on commitment to save Vimy Arena site as green and recreational space.

Assiniboia MLA pledges support for addictions treatment in Manitoba.

It’s a win-win proposition. Honourable Steven Fletcher announces a viable alternative for the St. James community and the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre.

Today local businessman and philanthropist Michael Bruneau is announcing he is willing to donate valuable land to the Bruce Oake Foundation if it means the Vimy Arena site can be saved for the community of St James for recreational use. 

“I am passionate about addiction treatment,” said Mr. Bruneau. “I have a lot of experience, professional and personal, in regard to addiction treatment and the land I wish to give to the Bruce Oake Foundation meets the needs of those with addiction.” 

The donation of this land means that the Bruce Oake Foundation can move ahead with its project without destroying recreational space and demonstrate respect for taxpayer assets. 

Scott Oake has said in front of Winnipeg City Council that the facility will be built elsewhere if the Vimy site does not work out. If Scott Oake’s focus is to save lives as soon as possible regardless of location, this would be the solution to Mr. Oake’s public statement. 

The donation of an equivalent piece of property along Lake Winnipeg is an ideal location for a treatment facility. There are other treatment campuses in the area and this new location will provide synergies between like-minded organizations for the maximum benefit of addictions survivors.

The new location will also alleviate the many concerns that Manitoban’s have in regard to the cavalier attitude the City of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba have demonstrated toward valuable publicly owned spaces that are worth millions of dollars, and priceless recreational space to the community. 

In this case, the City of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba have attempted to dispose the Vimy Arena site for one dollar.  The property would be sold to Manitoba Housing who would in turn lease the land to the Bruce Oake Foundation in a 99-year lease. 

The Scott Oake Foundation has only been offered the Vimy Arena site by government, no other sites have been considered, and no current government assets that are dormant have been considered. 

This solution solves many problems that exist with the Bruce Oake foundation proposal. It allows the community to keep the land as recreational and greenspace, the taxpayers will not be giving away assets for nothing, and the opposition to the Bruce Oake Foundation from the community will be alleviated. 

“This is a win, win, win” said Steven Fletcher, Leader of the Manitoba Party and MLA for Assiniboia “the community is furious in the way they have been treated by the city and province. There have been scores of petitions with thousands of names presented to me, which I have been tabling in the Legislature every day.” 

Fletcher continues by saying “the community is committed to maximizing the recreation space for the community. They should have had the opportunity to do so but have been denied thus far.”

Mr. Bruneau’s offer allows for the Bruce Oake Facility to be built. It allows for taxpayer assets to be respected. It allows for residents of St. James to maintain the urban watershed along Sturgeon Creek and strengthen affected and adjacent neighbourhoods with a more community oriented space. 

For more information, please contact or 204-299-5039

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