Manitoba Party

Our Values

We value government as an agent of the people of Manitoba, duty bound to act in best interest of Manitobans at all times.

We value the ties between government and the people; it is the peoples’ government, not their overlord.   

We value a government that is open, honest and communicates effectively and in plain language.

We value compassionate, ethical and honest dealing by government, all crown corporations, agencies, departments, elected representatives and workers at all times. 

We value elected representatives who represent their constituents and are free to challenge policies publicly and debate issues regardless of our caucus stand on a particular subject. 

We value the role of the opposition in our legislature in providing constructive and reasonable alternatives to government; we reject obstruction and opposition without just cause.  

We value our freedom and we recognize that freedom is not given to people by their government, but that people delegate some of their freedom to government, and may revoke that delegation. 

We value an educated workforce.

We value government, acting as an agent for Manitobans, that cares for those who cannot care for themselves.

We value a fiscally responsible government that cares for taxpayer dollars as an agent of the people, exercising common sense and employing efficiency and prudence in all budgetary decisions.

We value self reliance, and one way that we will measure our progress toward our vision of a prosperous, thriving Manitoba is for Manitoba to become a net contributor to federal Equalization payments.

These values are integral to implementing our vision for Manitoba.     

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